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Alainna Pierce

Mortgage Planning Professional
NMLS# 1974461
American Advisors Group NMLS# 9392
5851 Legacy Circle Suite 600 Plano, TX 75024

Alainna Pierce - Frisco, TX | AAG Mortgage Professional

Alainna Pierce helps seniors in Frisco, TX qualify for a reverse mortgage

Early in her career, Alainna Pierce was an event planning manager, which offered the perfect preparation for what she does now — helping people as an AAG mortgage planning professional to obtain the right kind of mortgage financing, to achieve their homeownership and retirement goals.

“There are few bigger events in your life,” Alainna said, “than financing the purchase of a home or later tapping some of your home equity to build a more secure retirement for you and your family.” “There are few bigger events in your life,” Alainna said, “than financing the purchase of a home or later tapping some of your home equity to build a more secure retirement for you and your family.”

Alainna also has a great understanding of how remodeling can help create extra value and comfort for homeowners — one of the many uses for which reverse mortgage loans are ideally suited. For many years, she ran her own business managing project remodels, so she truly knows the kinds of home repairs and renovations that can really pay off for the homeowner, as well as a few that don’t.

With her event planning, remodeling, and mortgage experience, Alainna can assist her clients in a variety of ways.

“I have a heart and passion for helping people, it’s in my nature, it’s in my DNA,” she said.

That AAG gives her the tools and the runway to do her best work is just icing on the cake for Alainna.

“I joined AAG because of the company’s culture and reputation for helping seniors retire better,” she said. “Their values of being a caring, driven, and ethical company align with my own.”

Always active, Alainna is part of a perpetual foursome consisting of faith, family, friends, and golf. So, it’s no surprise that she and her husband Les enjoy a golf-course home at The Tribute in The Colony.

For Alainna, when you can take away distractions and focus on what matters most, life is like knocking in a two-foot putt.

“My hope,” Alainna said, “is to leave a legacy of being someone who was always a blessing to others and a joy to be around.”

I am licensed in Texas, Tennessee, California, Colorado, Florida, and Georgia

Live Better with a Mortgage from American Advisors Group

Whether your goal is to finance your first home or your last home or want to use your current housing wealth to sustain your retirement lifestyle, AAG has the right loan for you.

AAG is a full-service mortgage lender with traditional (conventional, jumbo, FHA, VA), refinance, and reverse mortgage loans. For every stage of your life, we have a mortgage to match and more importantly, we’ll guide you through the loan process every step of the way.

happy senior couple discussing their retirement goals

Purchase Loans

A purchase mortgage is what homebuyers use to finance the purchase of a new home. Whereas, a refinance mortgage is what borrowers who already own a home use to replace their current mortgage, usually with the goal of achieving a better interest rate, term, or cash-out.

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Refinance Loans

A mortgage refinance is replacing a current mortgage with a new mortgage loan. It is usually undertaken to obtain a new mortgage with a lower monthly mortgage payment achieved by means of a lower interest, new loan term, or new loan type.

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Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is a way for older Americans to convert some of their home equity to pay off their current mortgage — if they still have one — and create more cash flow to cover everyday expenses, home renovations, medical expenses, and other needs and goals.

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